Find the Errors!

One of the English activities children find most appealing is correcting someone else's mistakes. These books provide over thirty fun proofreading exercises to teach students theskills they need to write and edit. Both levels follow the same basic format, but book two is more advanced and contains a more comprehensive treatment of grammar and style rules. The reproducible exercises utilize underlining, circling, rewriting, and adding punctuation to interesting and amusing sentences, paragraphs and short stories. Each exercise provides background information, including a detailed explanation of the pertinent rules for that skill. Skills learned include proofreading punctuation and capitalization errors, and editing to ensure sentences are written in a way which conveys the intended meaning. Each exercise also includes five commonly misspelled words for students to identify and write correctly in a "spelling box." A pre-test is included to determine problem skill areas, and it lists the exact exercises a student can complete to work on these skills. A post-test evaluates improvement. Teacher's aids are scattered throughout both books, and answer keys are provided. An activity section contains suggestions for teaching the lesson, expansion, cooperative learning, multicultural activities, and also suggestions for teaching to different learning styles. With these interesting and amusing editing passages, you'll have no trouble motivating your students to finish their work in these books. ~ Rachel S.

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