GoWrite! Dry Erase Self-Stick Sheets & Rolls

These amazing sheets have combined dry erase capability with a gentle adhesive backing, and are copier and laser printable. Think about it - the possibilities are endless. Create your own dry erase blank clock faces, grids, writing guidelines, chore charts, handwriting helps, music sheets, you name it! And even if you use them blank, slap them anywhere (doors, walls, fridge, desks, tables) for an instant dry erase surface great for messages, grocery lists, doodling, math demonstrations, spelling, and more. Although initially skeptical of the adhesive abilities, I tested one of these out on my painted, wooden bedroom door, left it there for awhile, and pulled it off. There was no residue, no "peeling up" at the corners, and they are easy to remove and reposition. They stick well on most surfaces, except those that are bumpy, dirty, or highly textured. Use any dry erase marker and eraser with these, and you'll find the same quality here as on a good dry erase surface. The marker erases easily, does not bleed through the sheet, and doesn't leave stains behind, even when left on for days. The sheets come in sets of five per pack. Yes, you can teach just about anywhere you choose! - Jess

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