Grammar Skills

This series of six workbooks provides students with exercises that link traditional grammar rules with in-context examples and exercises so they understand how grammar concepts function in different real-world situations. Similar to the Singapore Math books from the same publisher, these books provide quality, concise practice with little fluff. Not much actual instruction is given in the book, but sometimes the directions for the worksheets give hints for correct usage, highlight exceptions to grammar rules, and provide simple, non-technical definitions to help students understand the exercises. Many different types of exercises are provided, including fill in the blank (often with answers from a word bank), short answer, completing and rewriting sentences, multiple-choice, and more. A few hands-on activities are also included like completing rhymes and short stories, solving riddles and puzzles, and doing word searches. Each workbook is for a specific grade level and provides challenging, interesting, grade-specific exercises for that age. The number of questions in one worksheet varies from grade to grade and also depends on the type of exercise it is, but typically one worksheet will take about ten minutes to complete. These are great supplements to any grammar program and provide a great break from simply learning all the rules. Also, when students apply grammar rules to real-life English, like the exercises in this book have them do, they are much more likely to understand and use those grammar rules. The workbooks are consumable but not reproducible, so you will need one for each student. Each book includes a complete answer key and a few black and white illustrations for visual appeal. Books between 80-120 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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