Journey Through Grammar Land

A totally self-instructional grammar course with a difference! Grammar instruction is given via story format, as students follow the main character, Tank, through Grammar Land (reminiscent of Phantom Tollbooth!). As he learns about language, he is assigned to work on "scrolls." At these junctures, the student becomes Tank and completes the corresponding exercise. No teacher preparation or instruction is required. Answer key included. This interactive approach may appeal to some students more than the typical methods of grammar instruction. Part 1 covers the "Namers" and their "Substituters". Students will recognize them as nouns and pronouns. Part 2 deals with the "Tellers" or verbs. Students will easily pick up on proper syntax of helping verbs in combination and also learn who the "Linkers" are as well as all about the BE family. Part 3 covers adjectives and adverbs with a trip through the Descriptive Mountains on to the Central Intelligence Adverbial Agency. Learn how Tank and his friends outmaneuver King Falsifier and the renegades in this book. Part 4 teaches about prepositions and conjunctions. Tour Prepositional Railway Station and then go to Connecting Junction. Part 5 covers the various types of clauses. Visit Thought Trucking Terminal and Clause Village, home of the complex sentence builders. Parts 1 and 2 have now been combined into one volume, as have Parts 3 and 4. In combined volumes, the story is found in the first part of the book and the exercises in the second part. Tests are included with the books.

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