English Master Skills

As we all know, practice makes perfect, and this series of workbooks provides plenty of practice with various English skills. A variety of question formats are used, including matching, fill in the blank, identification, multiple choice, adding punctuation or editing marks to passages, rewriting sentences, and more. Pages are in color, which adds some visual excitement, and there are just enough questions to get good review in without boring students (about 5 questions per page in Grade 1 to 10-15 in Grade 6). Affordably priced with about 105 worksheets in each book, this series is a great review supplement that covers all the bases of English in decent depth. Besides a complete answer key, each book also has a glossary for students and additional teacher suggestions that show great ways to expand upon the activities in the book. Pages are perforated and reproducible. Each book is 128 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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