Grades 7-12

Start by learning a list of prepositions? Unusual, yes, but effective. Then, by identifying and crossing out prepositional phrases, students can see the core of each sentence. Covering parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence writing, concepts are presented in small, understandable increments, followed by plenty of practice. The overall approach is mastery, utilizing a system of sentence labeling rather than diagramming. Correcting/grading is easy, requiring a minimum of teacher time and might be done by the student himself (with supervision). Course components include a Teacher Edition, Student Workbook and Test Book. Each grade level Teacher Edition provides bite-size lessons, student practice and assessment pages, and those same pages with answers filled in. Both the practice pages and the tests are reproducible for families. Student Workbooks include lesson and practice pages. Test Books provide pre and post tests as well as sectional tests.

Grades 5, 6 and EG Plus each introduce 53 prepositions. The writing units in both grades 5 & 6 cover appositives, semicolon use, and compound sentences. Grade 6 continues with subordinate clauses and introductory participial phrases. The Plus course includes expanded coverage of independent and dependent clauses.

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