Listening Skills

Specific instruction and practice of listening skills prepare a young child for formal learning. This book includes teacher-directed activities that can be completed with paper and crayons. There are nine sections in the book, with twelve listening activities in each section. These listening activities begin with simple, single directions and progress into activities with more complex, multiple directions. Students are told to write, draw, or color certain things on the worksheets in specific ways, relying only on verbal commands. Due to the simplicity of the activities, an answer key is not provided, but there are many teacher helps located throughout the book. Specific directions are set up for teachers to read word-for-word. These are separate from the reproducible student worksheets. There are also physical activities included to practice more active listening skills, in which children are instructed to move in single or multiple ways through the teacher's verbal cues. A good listener award is included in the back of the book for the teacher to fill out, sign, and present to their student. ~ Rachel S.

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