Artec Blocks

An innovative cubed construction toy for endless hours of creativity! The basic building block is 2cm³, with a connecting stud on one side and 15 receptacles for the stud spread over the six surfaces. So cubes can be connected vertically, horizontally, and diagonally for a huge variety of designs (which are very sturdy due to the solid connection)! There are other block styles included in various sets to add additional building possibilities: Half A is half the size of the basic cube 2cm x 2cm x 1cm with a connection stud on each long side and 8 receptacles; Half B is the same size as A, but has the two studs on one long side and 8 receptacles; Triangle A is a cube that has been halved diagonally, has one connector stud and 6 receptacles; Disk is 2cm in diameter and can be used for eyes or non-turning wheels; Axle (2cm x 2cm x 6mm) rotates and can be connected to Wheel (3.6cm diameter); Rail A is 7.6cm long by 2cm wide and Rail B is a 2cm x 2cm corner piece for creating marble runs; and Mini Cube is 1cm³ with one stud and one receptacle. Cubes, Halves and Triangles come in 20 different colors. Each set includes a building ideas poster with pictures of items constructed with Artec Blocks. The Game Creator Set is a little different, with a gamebook showing game pieces and platforms to build and instructions for 20 games to play. The Mathematics Set includes a manual detailing 40 activities for exploring basic mathematical concepts through a visualization of shapes and numbers. As a math manipulative, Artec Blocks could be considered comparable to Multilink cubes and a lot more versatile than Unifix cubes. The major difference between these and multilink cubes is that these can connect diagonally. For fun or as an educational supplement - this building system is colorful and versatile!

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