Core Skills: Writing

These workbooks use a step-by-step method to teach students how to write well. At the various grade levels, each book introduces the basics of writing a sentence (using graphic organizers to help them visualize their sentences clearly), writing solid paragraphs, and revising and proofreading. Then the worksheets provide practice writing in different formats - narration, description, persuasion, and information reports. Worksheets are reproducible and very valuable in guiding students through the writing process. Features of these worksheets include identification of the skill to learn, examples that model the skill, information boxes that explain the skill, a writing activity that checks understanding (usually quick, like rewriting or completing sentences), and a Write Away section, which is another quick activity where students can creatively apply the skill learned. Once students master some skills and get to the actual writing exercises, the worksheets offer prewriting questions to help students choose a topic and plan details, graphic organizers to help organize ideas, multiple pages to guide through the entire writing process (like a page to write a draft, one to revise, etc.), questions that guide students to actively review and improve writing, bullets identifying specific proofreading questions, and room to write out a final draft. With the straightforward explanations, examples, and exercises, these workbooks really will help students achieve writing success. Answers are included in the back of the books. Each book is 128 reproducible pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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