Information, Please!

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said that he never tried to remember anything that he could look up. Einstein would have appreciated Information, Please!, a program designed to teach research skills to children. Start with Getting Started, which gives us some basic information about the library and when and how to use the reference materials included there. Follow-up questions and activities are provided for each reference source studied. From there, three books help children become increasingly proficient at finding what they need, and not just in the encyclopedia and dictionary. Please note that Getting Started is the only level with instruction on how to use reference materials; the three following levels are completely made up of research questions. Suggested sources include a Bible concordance, globe, world map, telephone directory, newspaper, thesaurus, world almanac, atlas, Timetables of History, and Facts Plus mini encyclopedia. About a dozen alternate sources are also mentioned. Each book contains 40 pages, with 10 questions per page that must be looked up somewhere. It is suggested that no more than two questions per page be looked up in any one source, so that the student gets more exposure to a variety of sources. Plan to make a regular trip to the library unless you have an extensive reference library in your home. An answer key is included, so YOU don't have to follow your child around the library!  As your child heads down the information superhighway, research skills will be increasingly important. Start now!

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