Writing Research Papers with Confidence

If you're searching for a serious resource for teaching how to write research papers and reports, look no further. This program by Sheila Moss is probably the most complete and intensive research paper curriculum we carry. It's from a Christian perspective and is also full of SAT grammar and essay preparation sections. With optional 4 or 8 week learning tracks, the book takes the intimidation out of writing research papers and lays out an 8-step process for writing polished, college-worthy papers. It gives the student an overview of resources and how to use a library, teaches how to develop a topic, guides note-taking and appropriate documentation, explains high-quality organizing and outlining, lays out how to write a draft, gives correct forms for footnoting and citing bibliographic references, and shows how to master proofreading to create a finished paper. Instruction has a conversational tone, and there are examples of good writing included. Students write SAT-style essays and evaluate other essays to learn what graders are looking for. They also answer questions covering the same content and format as those on standardized tests. Writing paper is included in the book to mimic the amount of writing space given during the SAT. Students do a variety of research and write a variety of reports, and they also interview family and professionals for some of the lessons. With straightforward, intensive instruction on writing a research paper, reviews that mirror questions from the SAT, writing assignments similar to those on the SAT, and evaluation exercises for a student's own and other essays, this book is a powerful guide for research paper writing, especially if you're concerned with college-prep. It really does take the intimidation out of researching and collecting all the thoughts and facts into a great paper. The non-reproducible student book contains some useful appendices and a glossary of terms. The teacher's edition provides parent educators with support every step of the way. Lesson overviews are given, along with tips for helping students accomplish their week's goals. Guidelines for determining good writing and making sure your student is mastering researched writing are also included, as well as an answer key for the SAT-style questions in the student book. The complete student text is included in the teacher book so parents can see exactly what their students do. This does make it possible to just purchase the Teacher Book and then have students work out of it, though the answer keys and suggestions for the educator should be hidden somehow. Likewise, it is possible to just purchase the Student book, as it is very thorough and contains plenty of tips and guidelines for writing, but then you will not get the valuable teacher helps or the answers to the SAT-style questions. For the most intensive and thorough instruction, both books are extremely helpful and beneficial. This program shows students how to take steps towards good thinking, do solid research, and have strong writing. It is very useful in completing high-school English credits and preparing students for SAT and college writing. Student Book, 248 pgs; Teacher Book, 264 pgs; both pb. ~ Rachel

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