Writing with a Purpose

Each of these books provides the student writer with a greater grasp on a different type of writing, as well as giving them opportunities to practice each kind of writing in different applications or "settings." The books each feature twenty writing lessons, and fourteen corresponding activities to give the student further practice. The "Skill-Building Activities" are completed first, laying a firm foundation in reviewing the purpose behind each type of writing and introducing different techniques. These also advise the student on what is important to include in each type of writing as well as what is best to eliminate, when each type of writing is to be used (letters, editorials, stories, etc.), how to target your audience, and more. Each of these activities includes some instruction, and a short activity to practice the concept. After the basics have been covered, the student is ready for the writing lessons themselves, found in the second half of the book. The lessons vary in purpose and in format. For instance, in Persuasive Writing, several of the lessons included are: composing a business letter asking that a local playground be made wheel-chair accessible, writing a letter to your parents trying to win them over about a sleepover party, writing a campaign essay convincing students to be kinder to animals, creating a persuasive paragraph arguing that a favorite athlete should be included on a top 50 professional athletes list, creating an ad for a children's toothpaste, and more. In case more practice is needed or desired, additional topic ideas have been included at the end. Well-organized, logical, and featuring a wide variety of writing practice for each type of writing, these are definitely one of my top picks for writing workbooks that focus on each type of writing individually. - Jess

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