Science Shepherd Biology Kits

So it took us a few months to get it together, but we are now able to offer a kit that includes the lab supplies and specimens needed for the Science Shepherd Biology course. We're offering a complete kit (includes non-consumable lab supplies and dissection specimens [earthworm, grasshopper, freshwater clam, perch & double-injected fetal pig] as well as the two groups of components separately. We set it up this way so you could purchase the complete kit the first time you use the course, then replace only the dissection specimens for use with another child.

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Item # 049865
Grades: 10-12
Retail: $309.30
Our Price: $197.95
Item # 049866
Grades: 10-12
Retail: $95.72
Our Price: $82.95
Item # 050261
Grades: 9-AD
Retail: $397.74
Our Price: $299.95
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