Jump In: A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers

What to do when high school is just around the corner and your middle schooler HATES to write? Jump In: Middle School Composition covers all the basics needed for high school writing in an engaging fashion; humor sneaking in occasionally. Daily lessons will take 5 – 20 minutes to complete. Instruction is written directly to the student and sometimes involves Bible stories or characters. Lessons might start with 10-Minute Writing Plunges that are designed to engage reluctant writers or appeal to eager writers. Or the Plunges can be a break from other assignments or a course by themselves. Plunges prompts are given M-Th with no grading (or turning in). On Friday, the student chooses which one they like best, proofreads it, and gets it ready to hand in. Each chapter also features longer essay/composition assignments that are broken down into tasty little bites in the well-constructed, step-by-step lessons. Each assignment comes with a suggested writing schedule and a checklist in the student worktext. It’s likewise easy on the teacher with detailed and specific grading grids. The consumable Student Book covers prewriting skills, paragraph development, expressing opinions, persuasive writing, cause/effect, expository writing, descriptive writing, compare/contrast, reports, narration, and poetry. Chapters are extremely readable and interactive, interweaving paragraphs of instruction with short workbook activities. Students learn about the type of writing and the writing process, honing the individual skills necessary to compose a piece of writing. Readable chunks of text and an engaging writing style set this apart as a "manageable not overwhelming" writing course. The Teacher Guide provides objectives for the course, a summary of all writing assignments, detailed/specific grading grids, the 10-Minute Writing Plunge ideas by month, tips to help and inspire the student writer, tips to help the writer proofread his/her work, a substantial section on grading (with examples), and an answer key to the short exercises in the book. The Set includes both Student and Teacher books.

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