Primary Language Lessons & Intermediate Language Lessons

An option for those who want to employ the methods of Charlotte Mason in their English program. Reprints of texts used in the early 1900s, these contain black/white period illustrations (incorporated into the lessons), memorization, classic literature excerpts, narration, dictation, copy work and composition. Instruction is self-contained. These are very simple to use - just open up and go. Lessons are presented in small, manageable pieces with many exercises done orally, making these an attractive choice for the student as well. Teacher's Guides provide instructional information for the teacher (i.e. these words are prepositions, words that show position, direction ...) and answers as well as extended activity suggestions and directions (i.e. create a preposition mobile by...). Teacher aids include reproducible grading rubrics, writing and dictation worksheets, calendar (primary), envelope, story map (intermediate) and Venn diagram masters. Primary is 164 lessons; Intermediate is 301 lessons.

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