Write Source Materials 2005-2009 Ed. (1-12)

Every five years the Great Source publishing company puts all the components of its delightful and thoroughly comprehensive writing and grammar program into a big pot and stirs it up. Then they repackage it in a new edition. Some of these editions are more homeschool-friendly than others. The mid-90's edition was good, but some of the components are no longer available. The "turn of the century" edition was problematic. However, this newest edition has come around full circle, and its components are put together in such a way that with minimal expense (the purchase of the student book) you have a strong, easy-to-use composition course. The additional components strengthen the grammar instruction, and the teacher's book fills in around the edges.

In this edition all grade levels have been

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Grades: 9-12
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Grades: 9-12
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