Write for College (1997 ed.) (11-12)

You can tell by the lack of cute and colorful artwork that adorned earlier levels that you are now entering a serious writing course. This one is designed for students who are headed for college in a year or two, and emphasizes the kinds of writing most often used in college courses: the essay, report writing, writing about literature, and persuasive writing. For writing research papers, information is included on paraphrasing, quoting sources, plagiarism, searching for and documenting information found on the Internet, using a computer, and using a college writing center. Also of value are the note-taking, test-taking and vocabulary-building sections. The student will be doing oral presentations, so a section on speaking effectively is also included. Besides all the necessary writing reference tools you would expect to find here (parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, word division, commonly misspelled words), other helpful odds and ends include a glossary of college terminology, weights and measures and related conversion factors, parliamentary procedures, the periodic table, world maps, and the U.S. Constitution. Use through college - and beyond!

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