Math Sprints

Learning math facts need not be a boring, dry drill! The premise is simple. Select the Sprint you would like your child to work on. Each Sprint has an A first half, an A second half, a B first half and a B second half. The B worksheets are designed for children stronger in math. Interestingly, the answers to the A and B sheets are the same, but the B worksheets require more mental calculations. B sheets can be used with strong math students or can be used later in the school year. Once you select the appropriate worksheet, set the timer for one minute and say, "Ready, Set, Go!" When the timer rings, underline the last problem completed and review the correct answers with your child. Take a brief activity break and return to complete the second half of the worksheet. Takes approximately 10 minutes for each Sprint activity and is recommended 2-3 times per week. The author suggests purchasing below grade level to give children the opportunity for success with mental math fluency. The beauty of Math Sprints is two-fold. Designed to be a fast paced and fun way to do practice math facts and increase a child's self esteem through self-competition, by beating his previous score. While a supplement to the Singapore Math curricula, families using any math program may find the mental math solving practice in this book an excellent complement for any child. Answers included. SC. 126 pgs. ~ Deanne

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Grades: 5-6
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