Atlas of Adventures

These are the types of atlases I would have loved as a kid! Somewhat reminiscent of a Richard Scarry book, these quirky, humorous atlases offer fascinating looks at life from 31 places around the world. Each book is divided into chapters by continent, featuring colorfully drawn two-page spreads of noteworthy occurrences & events. These events are highlighted by a single occurrence or place, such as the Northern Lights viewed from Finlands glass igloos, or running with Wildebeests in Kenya. Mixed together across each page are facts and delightful illustrations relating to the entire area. For example, while "Dog-Sled with Huskies in Alaska" may be the featured event, the reader will find a slew of informative illustrations relating to Alaskas tallest mountain, Alaskan animals, and skiing.

Informative, these illustrations are also designed with humor in mind: a Grizzly Bear in snowshoes eating a fish ice-cream cone, a Dall Sheep with a spyglass, and a bird called the Rock Ptarmigan wearing a tiny top hat and scarf. These hilarious little drawings add a unique, memorable flavor without detracting from the information and will certainly appeal to both kids and fun-loving adults. I especially love the maps which preface each chapter, complete with delightfully silly illustrations for notable events and places. Not comprehensive by any means, these atlases are nonetheless jam-packed with interesting facts from around the world and are sure to delight children. Who knowsthey just might encourage a new generation of world travelers! 85 pgs, hc. Note: atlases measure roughly 15x11.

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