Super Pegs

Create colorful patterns with Super Pegs! Super Pegs are brightly colored plastic pegs in four colors (red, blue, yellow and green) and four shapes (square, circle and two types of triangles). Kids will enjoy making their own designs as they arrange the pegs on the clear rectangle-shaped plastic pegboard. For a challenge, they can place one of the colorful pattern sheets underneath the pegboard and try to replicate the design. The simple, mosaic-style designs represent animals, transportation and other common objects. These large pegs measure about 1.5" in diameter (at the top) and are approximately 1 3/8" tall, so they're easy for little hands to manipulate. A fun, creative way to develop eye-hand coordination, sorting, classification, and visual discrimination. The 64-Peg Set includes four design cards and a pegboard (approx. 15" x 11 ¾"). The 32-Peg Set includes four different design cards and a pegboard, but the cards and board are smaller (8.5" x 11 ¾" ). (The pegs themselves are interchangeable within the sets.) The contents of both sets store in their own sturdy cardboard boxes with handles. Each Pattern Pack contains twelve of the larger sized designs that can be used with the 64-Peg Set only. ~ Lisa

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Grades: PK-K
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