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I've never seen an introduction to atoms and molecules quite like this one. Great for middle school and beyond, students will learn about atoms and properties of atoms, molecules, bonding, and much more.

The Complete Kit includes 50 atoms - 14 hydrogen, 1 helium, 2 lithium, 2 beryllium, 6 carbon, 3 nitrogen, 6 oxygen, 2 fluorine, 1 neon, 2 sodium, 2 magnesium, 2 silicon, 2 phosphorus, 2 sulfur, 2 chlorine, and 1 argon. It also includes a periodic table (truncated with only 16 elements or atoms), white drawstring bag for storage, guide and over 200 activities.

The Atoms and Molecules Introductory Set includes 17 atoms - 8 hydrogen, 3 carbon, 2 oxygen, 2 nitrogen, 1 chlorine, and 1 sodium, and a 16-page guide and 73 activities. 

To use these products to the fullest extent, you need the Happy Atoms App, for iPhone and iPad. I downloaded the app to my iPhone to try out this product - oh what fun! Ramsey (almost 6) and I built molecules from the atoms in the kit and snapped their pictures. After capturing the molecule image, we tapped on each atom, which placed a marker or target on the image. We scanned the image, then synthesized it to see a virtual representation of our molecule with identification. We touched the "examine" icon to see the name of our molecule, the atoms that construct it, the type of bond, molecular geometry, state of matter, use or application, and the breakdown of our molecule's name. As we built and scanned our molecules, we filled our molecule map. The map also gave 'hints' to guide us to our next atom-building project - there are 150 molecules on the map. Activities can also be completed by entering the labs of Harper and Andee, the animated chemist who guides through activities!

Atoms connect together magnetically to represent bonding and to form molecules. Each atom sphere has strategically placed magnetic spots for attachment of the flexible rubbery arms protruding from some of the spheres. At the end of each arm is a magnetic tip that represents valence electrons.

This would be a great visual for high school students taking physical science/chemistry. Since this is a great kinesthetic way to learn about and understand atoms, molecules, bonding, etc., with adult supervision, middle or even younger students would have a fun, unique introduction. Atoms are happiest when they are connecting with other atoms. Obviously, there are far more molecules than those identified with this program, but what an awesome introduction! ~ Donna

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