Orchard Game

Quick! Work together and harvest all the fruit from the trees before the hungry raven arrives and eats it all! This adorable cooperative game features a bright game board with a different fruit tree pictured on each corner. The center of the game board shows a picture of that pesky raven stealing the fruit. To start, place the 40 colorful, wooden fruit pieces on the trees. Each player has a little basket for harvesting the fruit they collect. Players take turn rolling the die, and picking a fruit of the corresponding color. But watch out! If you roll a raven, you must put one of the 9 crow tiles on the crow picture on the board. If the raven is assembled before all the fruit is harvested, everybody loses! 1-8 players, game play is 10-15 minutes. ~ Megan

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Item # 066976
Grades: PK-1
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Item # 077644
Grades: PK-K
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