Daybooks of Critical Reading and Writing New Editions

New editions of this popular series are now available, and some would say they're better than ever. Following the same general format as the original editions, the books offer students a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary literature, with more multicultural authors and a greater emphasis on nonfiction. Selections are presented in an engaging reader-response format that builds literacy skills, and the books are just as colorful as earlier editions. New wraparound teacher's editions are also available, which include lesson plans with step-by-step instructional support, differentiated instruction strategies to meet all students' needs, coverage of the five essential acts of reading, vocabulary support for each section, and detailed guidelines for assessing students' progress. This series functions just like the earlier editions but with a facelift that provides more diverse reading selections and a teacher's guide that is even more helpful. ~ Rachel

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Item # 038241
Grades: 3
Retail: $92.67
Our Price: $62.55
Item # 038243
Grades: 6
Retail: $80.93
Our Price: $40.46
Item # 038247
Grades: 8
Retail: $69.50
Our Price: $40.46
Item # 003013
Grades: 4
Retail: $69.50
Our Price: $56.30
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