Movies as Literature

This complete, one-year literature course was designed for high school but would be great for a middle school study as well. The course uses classic novels that have been made into movies to introduce and study the elements of literary analysis. Student discussion and composition questions are provided for each of the seventeen movies featured. An extensive teacher's guide and answer key are included for the questions asked. A glossary of important literary terms is also given, as well as a final exam which tests literary elements learned from each movie. The course not only provides students the skills needed to dissect different literary aspects of books, it also teaches them to discern underlying messages in movies rather than simply absorbing them. Whether you want your students to read the novels first and then watch the movies and analyze them, or merely watch the movies alone, this book provides great guidelines and offers students the tools they need for prompting literary analysis. A student workbook for the course is also available; this contains all the questions from the guide book with room for students to answer them, a glossary, and plenty of movie trivia for fun. ~ Rachel S.

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