Barron's Literature Made Easy

These guides help high school students fully comprehend the classics. They do not include the actual books, rather they are meant to be used alongside of or after the book to enhance understanding of the plot, characters, and language. Each guide follows the same basic format. The first several pages provide suggestions for studying and using the guide. Then an informational background for the book is given, followed by a summary of the story. After this, a "Who's who?" section provides detailed paragraphs describing the key characters, while a similar "Themes" section explores the main themes of the book. The largest part of the book is the Commentary. The Commentary divides the chapters into sections, beginning with a short preview and then discussing the important events in the chapter. Special icons call attention to notable details. The Commentary is designed to be read after the corresponding chapter in the book, and it also includes brief questions for the student to pause and think about. The last several pages provide additional aid especially for students who have to write about the literary work. Subjects covered here include topics for discussion and brainstorming, how to get an "A" in English Literature, the exam essay, and model answers. A glossary and index complete the guide. These guides help unlock the language and complexities of classic literature. Digest size, 80+ pgs. - Melissa

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