Painted Palette Handwriting Bulletin Board Set

Colorful, traditional cursive and manuscript alphabets to display on your walls for student reference - because sometimes you want something bigger than a desk strip! This set comes in perforated sections that have the upper and lower case letter on white background with a colored chevron border at the top and bottom (red, orange, yellow, lime, aqua, medium blue & violet.). Four additional sections have the numbers 0-10. Each section (8x8.75") has a different color, so it makes for a festive look all together! A dotted half-line and red bottom line show learners where to stop and start. Traditional cursive is what most people think of when they think of cursive handwriting. The capital Q looks like an O with a loop at the bottom, the W and V have rounded bottom curves, and the G looks like the General Mills cereal logo. This set will really brighten your learning space! 30pcs, coated cardstock. ~ Sara

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