Mueller's Caesar

Reading Caesar's Gallic Wars is what comes next. As in, next after several years of high school Latin (Henle) or next, when the student is ready to prep for the AP Latin exam. The Text by Hans-Friedrich Mueller provides page-by-page reading passages; selections that appear on the AP Latin syllabus. Each passage is accompanied by same-page notes and vocabulary. Introductory material includes historical context, an overview of the Roman army and Caesar as general, politician, and writer. Appendices include figures of speech, a pull-out copy of the high-frequency vocabulary, and a complete Latin to English glossary as well as access to an online grammatical appendix. Chapter-by-chapter summaries of all seven books are available as English readings in the back third of the text. The companion Teacher Guide provides two literal translations of each reading passage plus discussion questions. Lesson Plans, published by Memoria Press and highly recommended, complete the course.

The Text is peppered with illustrations and maps. The Lesson Plans not only schedule the work to be done for the course but also teach how to approach Latin translation. Discussion questions from the Teacher Guide are based on the reading selections and assume the teacher's familiarity with the material (i.e. no answer key).

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