Word-Fact-Oh! Games

These Learning Advantage games roll together vocabulary learning, memory and concentration. Using triangular word cards, players compete to be the first to create a set by matching connection cards with solution cards. Three levels of play allow use for singles, groups or center activities. After forming a 15-card, faced-down triangle, deal the Solution cards and then each player takes one from the large triangle. If that card is a connection word, he shows it to all players. All the players try to make a connection with one of their solution cards (forming a word). Play proceeds until a player finds three connection cards and calls out, "Word-Fact-Oh!" A player wins by correctly matching connection and solutions cards and combining four connected cards as a triangle.  Each game consists of 3 sets of 24 connection cards (Levels A, B and C) and 8 solution cards. Additional extension and educational activities are provided. ~ Ruth

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Item # 041489
Grades: 3-AD
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