Barron's Common Core Success English / LA

Colorful illustrations and photos are just one thing that separates these workbooks from other similar resources. Units are divided into thematic lessons designed for a student to work independently. Topics are engaging and encourage kids to learn, review and apply skills. Both the ELA (English and Language Arts) and Math books provide special activities where children review, understand and discover what they've learned. The Math books also provide Ace It Time! checklists to guide students through problem solving. The Kindergarten book combines ELA and Math, with digging deeper activities and math checklists. Barron's books are easy to use and understand, easing you into the content and helping you accomplish tasks. You got this! With the solid grade level content, these are good resources for test prep or RTI (response to intervention). Relevant CC standards are identified in the table of contents. The self-directed exercises are easy to follow. Answers are in the back. Not reproducible. Each book is approx. 180pp, not perforated. ~ Sara

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