Logic Cards

These little decks can provide good practice in the area of informal logic - just pick up a deck and flip through the cards, solving each puzzle. Decks measure 2.25"x3.5" and contain 53 cards with a variety of puzzles and different levels of play. The challenges consist entirely of analytical thinking and revolve around identifying patterns & sequences. The puzzles are straightforward at first, requiring only basic pattern recognition to solve-but as the difficulty increases, sequences become much harder to identify. Choose your color-coded difficulty level from 1-5 (except the Kids Deck which only has three); green is the easiest and black the hardest. A sheet with rules and answers is also included. The Kids Deck is for grades 1 and up, while Blue, Yellow, and Matchstick Decks are for grades 5 and up.Grab a deck for family gatherings, parties or dinner conversation or play solo. A solutions app is available through the App Store and Google Play just in case you lose your answer sheet. ~ Donna

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