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An easy-to-use, systematic phonics workbook that provides good practice and reinforcement. The general format is straight-forward. Students are asked to identify words with specific sounds, write letters to produce sounds, circle, color, and other general instructions. There are some interesting aspects. Page instructions are both written and "cued" with small icons. For instance, when the student is to print something, there is a pencil; when she's to read something, there's a book. Another "perk" is that sometimes the student is asked to "bubble in" answers. This is good preparation for eventual test-taking. The scope and sequence of this series includes introductory language arts - comparatives, possessives, and dictionary skills (in books 2 and 3). Books are divided into units with a test to complete each unit. The back cover is a progress chart which can be colored in as the student completes various skills.

Phonics 1 covers letters of the alphabet, consonants, short and long vowels, consonant blends, y sounds, and consonant digraphs. Phonics 2 covers review, hard/soft c/g, more consonant blends, digraphs and silent consonants, vowels with r, other vowels, compound words, contractions, plurals, word endings, comparing words, prefixes, suffixes, possessives, synonyms/antonyms, dictionary skills. Phonics 3 covers review and expansion of previous material plus 'schwa' and homonyms. 265 pgs. pb ~ Janice

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