Math Maze Card Games

Understanding numbers and multi-step problem solving is key to success in math, and sometimes children (and adults!) just need more practice to solidify these skills! This engaging, fast-paced math card game is fun for all ages and builds confidence as children practice and strategize ways to successfully answer the math problem using the cards in their hand.

Play is simple. Each player gets 7 green number cards. The first player rolls the function bar to identify the mathematical function for the hand. Next, flip over a red factor card. Using the green card in his hand, the first player creates a math problem to solve using his card, the function bar and the red card. For example, if the Red Factor Card shows 10, and the Math Function Bar displays ADD, Player 1 puts down a Green card showing the number 2. The math problem to answer is 10+2=12. Players simultaneously will state the problem and then in order, players will have the opportunity to solve the problem using the cards in their hand. This is where multi-step problem solving comes into play. Players can add, subtract, multiply or divide to solve the problem, including multiple functions within one solution. In our example, player 2 could add 8 to 6 and subtract 2 to arrive at 12. However, if the player is unable to create a solution with the cards in his hand, he draws an additional card from the green pile and his turn is over. The first player to use all his green cards wins!

Three options are available for game play. Math Maze Players Game is the most basic level and would serve a great introduction for children of any age. This game set includes 1 mathematics function bar (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Players Choice), 50 green player cards and 10 red function cards. Full instructions are included.

Math Maze Starter Game would be the entry level for families with children at different ages or for those who love the idea of math practice through games. This starter set could easily be used for Kindergarten through upper middle school as it provides multiple options. Game set includes 3 Math Function Bars (Add, Subtract and Player's Choice; Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Player's Choice; Multiply, Divide and Player's Choice) which allows you to narrow the game play to focus on specific skill sets. Also included are 50 Green Player cards, 10 Red factor cards and full instructions.

Math Maze Mastery Game takes game play to the next level and is excellent to challenge gifted math students and older children. While the play remains the same, new challenges are presented as you add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative integers, and fractions during advanced play. Contains 1 Math Function Bar (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Player's Choice), 108 Green Player Cards and 20 Red Factor Cards and full instructions for Beginning and Advanced Play.

Regardless of the game card set selected, children will have the opportunity to develop and show off their math skills in this engaging game. Excellent for math reinforcement at home or school. 2-6 players. ~ Deanne

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