SmartFlash Cards

What makes these cards so smart? Each operation is illustrated by a visual representation diagram, with colored sections to represent the operation. For example, the "3 + 5" addition card has the numerical operation on the left, but the majority of the card portrays two partially-colored rows of boxes-the top row has 3 boxes filled in, and the bottom has 5. This provides an excellent visual cue; children can see the operation on the left, associating the listed numbers with easy-to-count colored boxes in a similar manner to counting cubes. The opposite side of the card shows the operation reversed to help students understand the commutative properties of addition and multiplication - 5 + 2 and 2+5, 2x5 and 5x2. Each set of 3.5" x 5.5" flash cards includes 57 double-sided cards. Each covers facts 1-10 and also includes two instruction cards.

Addition flash cards are illustrated with two rows of boxes; Multiplication flash cards feature a 10x10" grid. All cards are double-sided, featuring two colors with identical operations: blue / green for Addition, and orange / purple for Multiplication. ~ Stephen

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