Number Coach (1-AD)

Just as in sports, math practice is imperative for success; these 2 small, unassuming books could provide the key to your child's success. Intended for those who need repeated math practice, they can be used from the very young to adult remediation. Folks who struggle with dyslexia and dyscalculia can also benefit greatly.

These books are a smaller format (9" x 6"), so not as overwhelming for your learner. Students will repeatedly practice the same concept until they can do the exercises correctly.

Plus 1 works on basic number skills - counting forwards and backwards with numbers up to 10; adding and subtracting up to 10; and introduces doubling and halving. Power of 2 picks up where Plus 1 stops - teaching number bonds to 10, doubling and halving, addition and subtraction, rounding numbers, multiplying and dividing, introduces fractions, and looks at word problems and time. It also covers aspects of mental math that are outlined in the standards.

After the parent reads the front of the book for instruction, you are ready to begin. The format is similar on each page - there is a grid that lists the problems for that page. Don't skip pages, do them sequentially. On each page there is a script for the coach (parent/teacher), and it is typically very short instructions. Write the date at the bottom of the page; you will also record the date when the page is finished. It is best to use this program only 4 or 5 times per week and in short time increments of 10-15 minutes. Look at each problem in the grid, ask the question; then the student answers (in most cases orally). Students receive a checkmark when it is answered correctly; students can move on when they receive 3 checkmarks - they get 7 tries. If there is a problem that is difficult for them, write it into the Recap Grid - these are found periodically throughout the book. This provides an opportunity to again practice the concepts that might be problematic.

If you are looking for a product that provides repeated practice, this is perfect. Lots of repetition instills basic concepts and developmental math skills. Plus 1 is 125 and Power of 2 is 163 non-reproducible pages. Coach your student to math success. ~ Donna 

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