Clack! Games

A simple, quick game where all players race at once! Spread out all the magnetic discs on the play surface. Each disc shows 3 different objects in different colors. One player rolls the two dice (one shows color; the other shows the objects), and all players race to collect as many discs as they can with that color object (i.e. a brown footprint). Then roll again for a new object/color. Clack the discs you’ve collected into a stack, and when all the discs are claimed, simply measure your stack against the others! Tallest stack wins! 2-6 players for Clack! Approximate 10-minute game time

Clack Categories plays similarly, except there are a greater variety of objects, and the object dice in this version is now a category dice (i.e. food, animal, vehicle) so it requires a little more thought and is for slightly older players. 2-8 players for Clack Categories. Approximate 10-minute game time. ~ Megan

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Item # 075954
Grades: 3-AD
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Item # 075955
Grades: K-AD
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