Books of Adventure

Adventure should never be limited to explorers, scientists, artists, or even adults! Kids need just as much opportunity to explore the world around them. These books of adventure fill a very necessary gap in schooling-arts, crafts, education, science and nature rolled into two books. Each book is divided into roughly 40 two-four page lessons, craft activities, or general information about select topics. An informational lesson in the Boy's Book may talk about "First Aid," covering several minor injuries (such as stings, cuts, heatstroke, and small burns) and how to treat them quickly. Other topics include craft projects-one example from the Girl's Book is an in-depth craft activity about making tire and board swings. Every topic is accompanied by fun, full-color cartoon illustrations to help guide kids and hold their interest.

The majority of Boy's Book focuses on outdoor exploration, crafts, and tips, while the Girl's Book tends to involve more household and artistic activities. While these are topics traditionally associated with boys or girls, don't let semantics hold your child back! If you have a girl more interested in hiking and the great outdoors than cooking and fashion, or a boy interested in gardening and photography, ignore the cover and let them go wild!

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Grades: 3-7
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