Ed Emberley On the Go Pads

Tired of peeking in the backseat and seeing kids glued to a TV screen, phone, or IPOD? Trying to avoid those things with your kids altogether and keep them meaningfully occupied?Ed Emberley is a master at combining simple shapes and lines to create fun and adorable creatures! Each page of these books is filled with colored gumdrop shapes (Goody Gumdrops) or colored shapes (Make a Face), along with step-by-step pictorial directions to add various lines and create your own artistic creatures. Most pages give instructions for two creatures, with the blank colored shapes in the middle for you to complete.The backside of each page usually has two additional blank colored shapes for you to practice further. These are great books to take wherever you go, from the activities to the construction! Each book features a paperback front with a thick cardboard back. All you need to complete them is a black pen or marker! ~ Megan

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