MCP Mathematics (2005 Edition) (Gr. K)

MCP Math has been around for many years with the latest revision in 2005 (pre-common core): solid program with a good balance of math mechanics and math reasoning, at an affordable price. MCP uses a research-based approach that incorporates direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice for mastery of the concepts. Students then apply the learned concepts using problem-solving strategies.

Every level's Student Edition is a workbook and each lesson is two pages. Graphics are black and white with an accent color and offer a worked example when a new concept is presented. Problem-solving lessons allow an opportunity for students to apply the skills they have learned, and Chapter Challenge pages provide practice of new skills. "It's Algebra" pages are lessons that will help in preparation for algebra. Chapter tests are found at the end of every chapter; and to help keep skills sharp, cumulative assessments are included at the end of every chapter in grades 1-6. At the kindergarten level, instruction and stories are found in the teacher edition, so it is required to complete the student pages. Minimal instruction is found at the bottom of each page for completion, but there is no lesson content in the student workbook. Each two-page lesson covers one main objective or concept and offers a visual model and practice. Both workbook pages are used with direct instruction by the parent/teacher as they explain the model or process and identify symbols to teach the lesson. As the levels progress (1-6), the student editions include more instruction, but there will always be the direct instruction component for use with the first page of each lesson, found in the teacher edition. The second page for levels 1-6 are for practice of the concept. You will also find calculator lessons in grades 3-6, for incorporating technology and the concepts learned.

Teacher Editions are packed full of useful information and guidance. The front of each book is an uncomplicated explanation for how to use both the student and teacher books. An explanation of the four-step lesson plan (used in this series) and assessments is also included, along with a scope and sequence for grades K through 6. The teacher edition includes small format student pages with answers and the four-step lesson plan printed in the margins of the pages. The four-step lesson plan includes: 1) Getting Started; 2) Teach; 3) Practice; 4) Assess. "Getting Started" includes objectives, vocabulary, materials, a mental math warm up (I love this), and pencil and paper warm up. "Teach" is where the concept or skill is being taught and may use some manipulatives or items from around your home, but they aren't required. "Practice" is using the pages of the lesson in the student workbook and working through the beginning of each in a guided fashion then having the student finish independently. This section may also include some fun hands-on type activities for reinforcement. "Assess" is a variety of opportunities to informally assess the student's grasp of the concept. Also, included in the teacher notes are suggestions for teaching students with mixed abilities, extension activities, and enrichment. Some suggestions may be for a group or classroom setting, so you may have to adapt. Alternate tests for each chapter are found in the back of the teacher edition, and the kindergarten level even includes additional reproducibles.

Homeschool Bundles are available for this program, which include the student edition, teacher edition, and parent guide at a slightly lower price.  The Parent Guide included in the Homeschool Bundles is a brochure that lists the bundle contents, gives an overview of the curriculum, how to use the materials, lesson preparation, and suggestions for adapting the curriculum to fit you and your student.   

I have always been a fan of this curriculum with its constant review and incorporation of good math thinking skills. For those who don't want math curriculum that has been rewritten to align to common core standards, MCP is a solid math choice. ~ Donna

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