UBTech Robotics Kits

Say "hello world" to two of the most advanced buildable, programmable robots on the block! While the finished product is amazing by itself, what impresses me most about these sets is the presentation. Inside the box, each set of components is labeled, color-coded, and separated by type to help kids get started and stay organized. A detailed quick-start guide gives you an overview of the parts. Once you're ready, download the free app and follow along to get started!  This app is where the kits truly shine. It's divided into 4 parts: Building, Actions, Controller, and Coding. Building provides a 3D rotatable, zoomable, step-by-step instruction guide for completing your robot - a little more advanced than most instruction guides. Actions provide a digital demonstration of the robot's capabilities. Controller allows users to command the bot from their phone, using preset actions or recording new ones! Finally, Coding provides the most educational outlet by giving young roboticists full control over the robot's electronics using a block-coding interface, similar to Scratch. Once you're done with a model, take it apart and build another - including one of your own creation! Requires iPhone or Android for app.

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Item # 074229
Grades: 3-AD
Our Price: $149.99
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