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I always recommend a student take a practice test to get familiar with these high-stakes exams. In fact, take one as a diagnostic tool to determine what areas need the most work. Were you able to answer all of the questions? Did you run out of time? Then, take another practice test and see if you improved. Spend more time on your content areas, and take one more practice test before the real-deal. You will feel more confident going in, having become familiar with the format and working on those areas in need of practice. Barron’s test prep books are very readable, not intimidating, and the practice tests really do help! When you start your preparation will determine how many practice tests you take. One a month is a good guideline, with content area study in between. These resources would be great for a group-study too! The study tips help you understand how the questions are worded and really work on pacing yourself properly. They are practical and useful for the 2020 and 2021 ACT and SAT exams. The Premium Study Guide includes an additional 2 exams online with answer explanations for all questions. ACT books 858pp, SAT book 1034pp, pb ~Sara

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