BJU Writing & Grammar Grade 7 (4th Ed.)

This 4th edition program includes distinct changes. The student text is lengthened while the overall number of chapters is streamlined to 17 “workshops” (The previous edition’s 5 chapters covering dictionary and study skills, etc., were removed. This information has been added to the student Handbook).

While the entire course is written from a rooted-in-grammar perspective, chapters will alternate between a contextual grammar and a composition focus. Writing Workshops in each chapter target specific skills and provide direct application of writing skills such as, “showing vs telling,” writing rhythms, using appositives, expanding sentences, and more. Composition is centered in Biblical worldview goals: to be virtuous, truthful, and well-crafted. The writing method follows a progressive pattern: planning, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing. You’ll also find an emphasis on speaking and listening skills. The writing assignments (including MLA documentation) will emphasize narrative, informative, argumentative, and researching. Mentor text excerpts exemplify each assigned writing goal. A culminating project (a magazine article) recommends researching, interviewing, graphics insertion, “publication,” and collaboration.

The visually engaging, consumable student worktexts start with sentence analysis (studying verbs first and then nouns), move to other parts of speech (with a diagramming emphasis), clauses, verbals, agreement, mastering grammar, and mechanics. Students are guided well with checklists, specific task steps, models and examples, and a Spelling Skills and Study Skills Handbook at the end. 476 pgs, pb.

The two-volume teacher editions are wrap-around format with lined space for notes. You’ll find objectives as well as a list of resources needed. These include tools to explain the Gospel, a spelling and study skills handbook, instructional aids (to succinctly explain citations, referencing, rubrics, and additional grammar “games”). Teaching methodology follows an engage, instruct, apply, and assess pattern, with optional differentiated and collaborative education strategies. Teaching Boxes provide terms, definitions, examples and more. Assessments provide 14-chapter tests. A separate key provides assessment answers. Buy items individually or purchase the Home School Kit which includes the student, teacher, assessments, and key.

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