Stella Writes

Stella is a feisty, intelligent 2nd grader with pigtails and lots of stories in her head. Your own students will learn some helpful strategies to plan their writing and vocabulary words like narrative, opinion, inquisitive, research, investigate, closing, brainstorming and more! While the series shows a teacher-led classroom, the colorful illustrations, funny scenarios and writing instruction in a story format are relatable to homeschoolers too. In Stella and Class: Information Experts, students learn to ask questions, be curious about a topic, research that topic, plan what to write using both a list and a chart, write an essay and then enjoy being knowledgeable on that topic.

In Stella Tells Her Story, kids get excited about sharing a story with others, first conversationally and then in writing. One child talks about getting a puppy, one about fishing and another about her first time on a roller coaster. The teacher guides her students in writing their stories by having them plan first, next, then, and last. Stella Writes an Opinion works on getting kids to think about why they feel passionately about something. What bugs you at school? What would you change about the world? What do you love? Students learn that it is not enough to have an opinion, but you have to defend it in your writing. Each book is 32pp, pb, 9x10." ~ Sara

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