Wild, Wild West Careers

Saddle up, partner! It's time to hit the road to the Wild West in search of a fine career! With this fun series, you can learn about eleven different jobs and the famous people that had them. It's history disguised as fun! You'll learn about explorers like Lewis and Clark, Native American chiefs, frontiersmen like Davy Crockett, gold miners, pony express riders, homesteaders, pioneers, cattle drivers, railroad workers, outlaws and lawmen, and the cavalry. Each section has several pages of text, either for the student to read or teacher to read aloud. There's a really great mix of activities, too. Some are paper based (mock job applications, worksheets, etc.), while some are a little more detailed like mining for "gold" or building a model Alamo. There are also suggested books for each career as well as several movie suggestions, making for a well-rounded segment. I could picture a family who loves Little House on the Prairie or playing cowboys and Indians using this fun series, completing one or two sections a week. Books can be used individually if need be, but should be used together for a more complete understanding of life in the West. Each book is about 150 softcover pages and contains a good amount of black and white pictures. - Laura

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