Faux Bow

They may be called "Faux Bow®," but they sure look and shoot pretty much like the real deal! Each bow features fiberglass bow limbs; holds the included 25 ½" sleek, durable, foam-tipped arrows in a quiver clip; and even has finger savers on the bowstring. Both are designed to work easily for left- or right-handed individuals. The Faux Bow 130? is adapted for a younger crowd as it is easier to draw back, and it shoots the two included arrows over 130'. It comes assembled and ready to fire! The Faux Bow Pro? is for older kids, with minimal assembly required, and includes 3 arrows that shoot over 200'.

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Item # 013307
Grades: 1-AD
Our Price: $24.99
Item # 038621
Grades: 5-AD
Our Price: $39.99
Item # 071223
Grades: 5-AD
Our Price: $12.99
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