Speed & Comprehension Readers

This Abeka® series can be used alongside any reading program to strengthen a student’s reading speed and comprehension skills. Students will become stronger and more efficient readers as they practice regularly. You’ll find the reading selections in the book’s first half. The second half contains the quizzes and answer keys. Pull out these perforated pages. Allow students, as a rule of thumb, approximately 1 minute per every 100 words. Word count is indicated at the end of each reading. After reading each selection, students take a comprehension quiz of a few questions. Each reading includes an additional “Thought Provoker” discussion question (ungraded) to engage with the reading. Record scores in the book. With each level, readings lengthen and become more challenging. Grade 4 begins with a 456-word length; Grade 6 ends with a selection containing 1,074 words. ~ Ruth

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