BJU Writing & Grammar Grade 3 (3rd ed)

This Bob Jones third edition program maintains a multi-goal focus: teaching written and oral communication while incorporating 21st Century skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and technology literacy), all the while practically applying Biblical principles. Woven through each of the 14 chapters are themes of friendship, authority, work, celebration, and people who are different from us.

The 3-hole-punch, perforated, 386 pg. student worktext bursts with color and activities that involve recalling, speaking, listening, and writing (also incorporating a mentor text). Independent activities, thinking questions, practice pages, and self-monitoring features encourage students to apply skills. Students will utilize learned skills by explaining, persuading, evaluating, and conveying personal experience. Grammar chapters teach concepts with an aim for understanding, writing, speaking (including nonverbals such as tone and demeanor), and learning. Alternatively, the writing chapters provide graphic organizers, grade-level writing models, checklists, and other tools to self-monitor writing tasks. Students will write a sound poem, game instructions, a book review, a persuasive essay, friendly letter, opinion, informative piece, narrative, poetry, and a research report.

The traditional, wrap-around format, two-volume teacher editions provide 180 lessons of necessary guidance and answers for your students. A detailed Lesson Plan Overview gives a birds-eye view of the year. You’ll find teacher scripted sentences (in blue) and icons to help locate specific teaching elements. For example, BWS labels identify Biblical Worldview Shaping where students focus on and apply a Bible passage or concept. Gear icons identify reading questions that focus on higher-order skills. You’ll also find differentiated learning options and composition grading rubrics. Other tools include a Gospel explanation, a handbook including a thesaurus, capitalization rules, abbreviations, and songs (to learn parts of speech), and lesson aids (sentence diagramming, such as rubrics, charts, and answer keys). Additionally, an assessments packet includes seven, two-page tests connected to the grammar chapters and a test on study/research skills. A separate test answer key is also available.

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