Mineral Origami Paper

Yasutomo mineral paper has highly saturated colors, is non-toxic, and easy to fold. Most unique of all, it's made from rocks! Manufactured from calcium carbonate and a small amount of HDPE plastic, this paper is water-resistant AND tear-resistant, which makes it perfect for origami. Squares are 5 7/8". Colors are 2-sided with a light/dark version of the same color (rainbow shades). Patterns include stars, hearts, or dots on one side and a solid color on the back. White mineral paper can be drawn or painted on and then folded into shapes, essentially designing your own origami paper! It has a nice body to it and will hold your folded designs well. ~ Sara

Mineral Paper is similar to traditional wood based paper, however, it is made with calcium carbonate from rocks rather than tree pulp. Mineral Paper is considered to be an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood based origami papers. Mineral paper is 80% calcium carbonate bonded together with a small amount of HDPE (plastic) which gives the paper a unique feel and some very useful properties. It's tear and water-resistant yet very suitable for folding. Mineral paper is great for outdoor decorations, toys and in projects where a more durable paper is desired.

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