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Ah, science - one of the most interactive, diverse subjects in the realm of academia. It can change the way we look at the most mundane household objects and show us just how fun learning can be. These small, subject-oriented experiment kits each come with a variety of theme-specific activities to perform in order to demonstrate a concept. Kitchen Chemistry, for example, comes with experiments involving kitchen items (Super Bubbles, making rock candy, creating slime, and more). Most require common, safe substances from home (vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil, food coloring, etc.) and provide the rest of the materials. These experiment kits generally have very little preparation time, and a small amount of "payoff time" between finishing prep and seeing the results of an experiment. While they don't have the variety and scope that many larger kits do, these kits are good for focusing on and teaching specific concepts.

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Item # 062615
Grades: 2-AD
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