Nature's Beautiful Order

Nature's Beautiful Order by Memoria Press is recommended for use at the 6th to 8th grade level as a supplement to science curriculum, and can also be used alongside your biology at the high school level. The text is a 187-page introduction to the study of animals.

I found this book intriguing from a couple of perspectives. Is it a history book of science or philosophy book of science. It's definitely not a straight science book. I taught science at a Christian school, and never saw much of this information in our texts. The authors explain what an animal is, then they spend fifteen chapters discussing very specific animals and why they fall into certain categories or classifications. The chapters begin with lower order animals (lobsters, cuttlefish, etc.) and end with higher order animals (farm animals, etc.) and wrap up the text with two chapters on humans. The authors classify "man" as part of the animal kingdom and go on to explain why they are different from animals.

Throughout the book you will find quotes from C.S. Lewis (The Abolition of Man) Aristotle, Couvier, John James Audubon, Charles Darwin, and others. Even though you see Darwin in the list of people quoted, there is no evolutionary content in this text. The book is written by Christopher Blum and John Cuddeback, both of whom are classical naturalists and teach at the college level. The text and perspective are intended to give a descriptive account of animals and the world in which they live by looking at the facts.

The Student Guide is a consumable workbook that asks comprehension questions about each chapter. The number of questions vary from chapter to chapter and all of the answers can be found in the text.

The Teacher Guide is the answer key for the questions in the student guide.

The set includes all three books - text, student and teacher guides. ~ Donna

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