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Subtitled Rediscover American History Through an Exploration of its Moral, Religious and Constitutional Heritage. Daniel Webster once wrote, “History is God’s providence in human affairs,” yet many of us have been taught a view of American history that is secular or economically focused. Does the view we have of history really matter? Is it prudent for Christian families to view history through the lens of God’s providence? David Barton answers with a resounding yes, and after viewing this series I wholeheartedly agree with him! Throughout the 10 DVDs in this series, I was repeatedly amazed at how little I knew of the Christian beliefs of our nation’s founding fathers. Although not all of our founding fathers were believers in Jesus Christ, each believed that the moral principles set forth in the Bible presented the surest foundation for a new nation. Beginning with “Why History Matters,” this series will show the truth of our nation’s heritage through original documents, early history texts, and direct quotes. See set descriptions for details. This series will help us to better recognize who we are as a nation and how we can regain the foundation of our founding fathers. ~ Deanne

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